Turning Point Camp

Turning Point Camp


Your child may seem unreachable and you may feel as if your family is facing future demise, but there is hope.

Turning Point Camp is a place for hurting families to find that hope and healing. Challenging children are hurting children. This deep-seated pain comes from broken bonds, past experiences, traumas or difficulties resulting from other emotional or behavioral disorders.

These children often seem unreachable and wreak havoc and pain on their families. Reaching kids with these challenges is difficult, but they can heal and your family can be refreshed and restored.

Your Family Can Heal

“Each day we continue to see improvement in our children and in their response to how we now parent them.”

“Attending Turning Point Camp was the most important and most beneficial thing we have ever done for our family. Camp saved our marriage and our children.”

“Since Turning Point Camp, our family is healing and my husband and I are aligned.”

“It has changed our lives and given us hope for a wonderful future for our daughter and our whole family. Do whatever you can to go to camp. Don’t wait to start healing your child.”

These are the words of real families who were in despair. These families were once falling apart, but are now thriving under the light of hope and restoration achieved with the tools acquired from Turning Point Camp. Your family can heal.

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