Pathway for Healing’s Seminars

Pathway for Healing’s seminars will introduce you to many of the behaviors, risk factors, and symptoms associated with a child who has experienced trauma. There are many effects of trauma that a young child may exhibit that range from developmental problems, social and behavioral issues as well as social issues. Nearly every aspect of a child’s life can be impacted by early childhood trauma or neglect. By attending one of our two day seminars, parents can find the understanding, tools, and hope they need to help their children bond with them and find healing. Our seminars will give the concerned parent a new perspective on parenting that goes to the heart of the problems experienced by a child affected by trauma.

Who should attend:

  • Parents of challenging children, especially adoptive or foster parents, who are caring for children who have experienced trauma or loss. This includes children who have been the victims of abuse, have suffered the death of parents, or been removed from their birth parents at a young age.
  • Teachers, especially those who work with special needs children, who want to help the children succeed academically and also be a part of the team that is supporting the parents as they find healing for their children.
  • Professionals such as counselors, therapists, and doctors who work with challenging children and their families.

What you will learn:

  • How trauma affects a child’s development
  • Risk factors that may lead to a child having problems attaching to their primary caregiver
  • Symptoms of a child who does not have a healthy bond or attachment with the primary caregiver
  • Effective techniques you can use when parenting a challenging child that will help improve the parent-child connection
  • Identifying triggers and responses to your child’s behavior that may be preventing you from building a strong parent-child relationship
  • How to respond to negative behaviors in a way that diffuses the situation and leads to a better relationship
  • How to set up the home for success in parenting children affected by trauma
  • Setting up a support team to help build a strong parent-child relationship