Leadership Team

Meet our Leadership Team

DSC_0016_editMark Brown – President

Mark and his wife Michelle adopted a baby boy whose birth mother was a drug and alcohol user during pregnancy. By the time their son was 4, he would have rages that would last for hours for no apparent reason. His behavior was so erratic that he became a danger to himself and others. It was difficult to take him out in public and traditional treatments were ineffective. After hearing about therapeutic parenting from another adoptive parent, Mark and Michelle signed their family up for a camp similar to Turning Point Camp. Their lives have never been the same. It has been a long road, but their son is continuing to heal and their future holds a refreshing new hope.

After witnessing the remarkable change camp had on his family, he was inspired to use his talents and skills to help others who are walking the same difficult road. Mark holds a Master’s degree in Leadership, Management and Organizational Development from the University of South Florida and has worked for more than two decades in information security. He is a former college professor and has served in the United States Navy. Mark’s goal is to see that Pathway for Healing brings the promise of therapeutic parenting techniques to the parents, educators, and therapists who so desperately need them. He is the president and a founding member of Pathway for Healing, Inc. Mark lives in central Florida with his wife, Michelle, and their three children.