Our History

Pathway for Healing, Inc. came into existence through two families’ separate experiences with a child suffering from the effects of early childhood trauma.

JL_Fam_PFH2Jennifer Landreth
and her husband Mike’s oldest adopted daughter suffered from reactive attachment disorder (RAD). After 10 years of ineffective treatments, the Landreth family attended a camp similar to Turning Point Camp. They finally found the therapeutic parenting approach their daughter needed. Though the Landreths are no longer active in the organization, their impact and legacy lives on in the lives of those whom they have touched through their work with Pathway for Healing.


Mark and Michelle Brown adopted their son and soon began to see the effects of the trauma he had experienced
MB_Fam_PFH2before he joined their family. Like the Landreth family, they found no success from using traditional parenting or behavior modification therapies, but their lives were transformed when they began using relationship based, trauma informed parenting approaches. This researched based information is the at the core of pathway for Healings programs.  Mark is the current President of Pathway for Healing.

Together these two families created an organization that illuminates a pathway for other families to find the healing that they have found through camps, seminars, and other resources…a pathway for healing.