About Pathway for Healing, Inc.

Pathway for Healing, Inc. Pathway for Healing, Inc. came into existence through two families’ separate experiences with a child suffering from the effects of early childhood trauma.

Jennifer Landreth and her husband Mike’s oldest adopted daughter suffered from reactive attachment disorder (RAD). After 10 years of ineffective treatments, the Landreth family attended a camp similar to Turning Point Camp. They finally found the therapeutic parenting approach their daughter needed. She is now a healthy, loving teen who is attached to her parents.

Mark and Michelle Brown adopted their son and began to see the effects of the trauma he had been through before he joined their family. Like the Landreth family, they saw no results from traditional therapies, but their lives were changed when they began using the therapeutic parenting approach they learned at camp.

These two families have joined together to share the healing they found and that other hurting families so desperately need. Pathway for Healing came into existence in order to help facilitate this process through the creation and administration of effective methods and resources. Pathway for Healing offers practical resources and hope for hurting families.

What We Do

As outlined in our vision statement, Pathway for Healing envisions that every wounded child have a strong and healthy family, equipped to facilitate healing. By using proven research and effective methods, we will provide attachment focused support, resources, education, and training for families and the professionals who support them. Here are some of the programs and services we offer:

Turning Point Camp - Sponsored by Pathway for Healing, Inc.Turning Point Camp

Turning Point Camp is a place for hurting families to find hope and healing. Challenging children are hurting children. This deep-seated pain comes from broken bonds, past experiences, traumas or difficulties resulting from other emotional or behavioral disorders.

These children often seem unreachable and wreak havoc and pain on their families, but there is hope. Reaching kids with these challenges is difficult, but they can heal and your family can be refreshed and restored. Learn more about Turning Point Camp.


Seminars by Pathway for Healing, Inc.

Pathway for Healing Seminars

PFH Seminars include help for parents, extended family members, therapists, educators, and anyone who loves a challenging child. Learn and experience the tools and techniques that reach children with a wounded heart.

See what upcoming seminars are available where you live. If you would like to bring a seminar to your area, contact us for more details.