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IMG_4292_smallAbout Turning Point Camp

Turning Point Camp is a place for hurting families to find hope and healing. Challenging children are hurting children. This deep-seated pain comes from broken bonds, past experiences, traumas or difficulties resulting from other emotional or behavioral disorders. These children often seem unreachable and wreak havoc and pain on their families, but there is hope. Reaching kids with these challenges is difficult, but they can heal and your family can be refreshed and restored.

Currently, Turning Point Camp takes place twice per year (TPC Dates & Locations). These week-long family camps are designed to help families connect and help challenging children redirect their paths. This program is designed for children ages 4-12. The focus of camp is to renew, recharge, and empower each parent and child with effective techniques to increase love and laughter in their homes. Skill-building interventions are taught and practiced to build trust, honesty, self-control, and conscience development for each child.

Many of us learn best in a hands-on environment. “Living” the techniques and experiencing change is the goal of the camp experience. Families can return home and continue to successfully improve relationships with their new skills. Learning in a beautiful environment away from daily distractions – surrounded by support and encouragement – has been a turning point for many. The tools work. The staff is uplifting and skilled. The food is fantastic and the laughter is contagious. Turning Point Camp will leave you with priceless memories, but most of all it is an experience that will change your life.


IMG_4739_smallEach morning, parents attend a three-hour training, encouragement, and support session. They will then practice the newly acquired skills, with staff support, to fine-tune the interventions to fit the needs of their family. The lessons include:

  • Understanding the brain and how to heal it
  • Creating and maintaining the heart-to-heart connection
  • Helping children develop honesty, conscience, and self-control
  • Teaching children to be respectful, responsible, and fun
  • Teaching children how to deal with thoughts and feelings
  • Building self-worth

The opportunity to connect with other parents who understand your experience awaits you. You are not alone. If you want to make a difference in the life of your child, join us. We can reach for success together.


Turning Point Camp is focused on restoring and strengthening family relationships. Although this program is designed for children ages 4-12, all members of your family are strongly encouraged (but not required) to attend and participate.

Prices will be posted individually for each event as the costs vary between venues.

Space is limited. A deposit of $500 is needed to reserve your family’s spot. Deposits are refundable ONLY if another family is able to fill the spot (read our entire refund policy). Click here for camp dates/locations and to register.


Jennie Landreth – Camp Director

Jennie 17_EditJennie and her husband spent ten years unsuccessfully parenting a challenging child.  As their daughter’s behaviors became progressively worse, it was evident that traditional parenting methods and therapy practices were not what their daughter needed. After years of frustration and suffering, Jennie’s family – including her daughter – experienced a desperately needed change in their lives when they learned and implemented the therapeutic parenting method. Applying these new tools brought healing to their family and freed their daughter from the inner turmoil that caused many disrespectful, destructive, and defiant behaviors.

Jennie has taken her experience and turned it into a mission to help other families restore joy, laughter and respect back into their homes. She is committed to equipping parents with the tools necessary to meet the special needs of their challenging children.  She personally understands when a parent is at the end of their rope and all their efforts have been unsuccessful. Jennie lovingly and effectively provides the techniques that bring support and healing for the child and family.

She holds a B.A. Interdisciplinary in Psychology, Sociology, and Education from Covenant College, has done post-graduate work in Marriage and Family Counseling. Jennie can be heard doing radio segments on effective parenting and sharing her inspirational story. She teaches at multiple camps per year, works one-on-one with families, leads workshops for parents and professionals, and is the vice president and a founding member of Pathway for Healing, Inc.